We are progressive technological company, which specializes in architectural visualizations.

One of our biggest motivation is to improve the accessibility and quality of visualisations, especially for smaller companies, where the budgets for project presentations are much smaller. Through the close connection to modern technologies and the development of our own software, we are trying to bring new trends onto the market.

In addition to standardised images, we also offer 360° panoramas in our portfolio - as a complete virtual tour of real estate, as well as rendering of high-resolution videos and last, but not least, we develop applications - interactive presentations rendered in real-time with possibility of direct interaction of client.



3D images and renderings are already being used in every industry - whether classic or new economy - and are required for new projects. The use is manifold: Both in the investor and financing phase or in marketing and sales renderings help to take a look into the visual future of the project.


Short sequences, property fly-throughs, trailers or complex presentations full of moving elements, it is always a way , how to move your projects to new, yet more professional level. With our completely new technical approach of video rendering we are trying to improve its price accessibility. You don't pay for rendering farms, price is not primarily connected to number of seconds of video or its output resolution, but rather to amount of shown content and its quality.


This web integration on the PC, tablet or smartphone transforms the viewer into a protagonist.

He can decide by interactive elements at which hotspot he is located and in which direction he turns the point of view.


We develop tailor-made presentation applications for your projects, where all the hi-tech presentation instruments are brought together in symbiosis. Interactivity with users, elegant navigation throughout floorplans, possibilities to change layout and style of interior equipment, free walkthrough property, possibility to explore every corner and much more. Direct connection with with database backend enable customers to obtain up-to-date informations about the project without necessity to update the application.



Tell us your ideas, wishes, challenges and visions.
You are welcome to send us your plans in advance, such as CAD, DWG, PDF, 3DS, etc. too.
We are looking forward to your contact!

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Fibix Studio Office

Revolucni 13
110 00, Praha
Czech Republic

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Pavel Kořínek
+420 605 722 623

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