With us, your vision will take shape

Concept, design, creation and programming from a single source.
Fibix Studio combines all the relevant areas and its long-term experience to create a first-class product.

The development to a full package

We offer three products with one order.

3D Images

Images are the common solution in order to present the final visualisation of the project. We deliver highest resolution for hard-copy booklet printing as well as for large scale.

Video Animations

Videos express the project realistically since they enable views from various perspectives. They visualize lighting effects and help to create a sense of space. Full-HD and 4K in 60 FPS are our standard resolutions.

360° Panorama

360° Panorama views provide unique impressions of space and the surrounding environment in the web. The project becomes tangible since the user feels as if being there. With Virtual Reality cell phone and PC devices an irreplaceable experience!

Still images

The Standard

3D images and renderings are already being used in every industry - whether classic or new economy - and are required for any new projects.
The use is manifold: Both in the investor and financing phase or in marketing and sales renderings help to take a look into the visual future of the project.
For the interior, we use our large furniture and decoration database. Of course, we can also adjust and integrate design classics on request. Existing home books, interior concepts or mood boards help to meet the customer's design guidelines.

Once the scenery has been designed, 3D images and renderings can be rendered in high-resolution from different angles and used for presentations, websites or even large-format posters.

Videos & Animations

Convince with moving images

After creating desired scenarios, buildings, apartments or rooms in the first step, videos and animations from the designed world can be edited. For this purpose, together with the client we develop a short storybook to focus on the most important scenes, views and preferences.
For the duration of the video, the presenter receives the complete attention and the customer is able to follow the viewpoints and messages through picture, sound and text. In a nutshell, the vision is presented and the visual future is presented.

360° Panorama

First interactive steps

Give the user freedom.
With the interactive 360 ° panoramic views, the user has the opportunity to explore the designed rooms himself via PC (web) or tablet and to move within the staked frame. The freedom to look around the room, to focus and set your own priorities is impressive and convincing for every observer. Providing such a facility creates trust, adds value to one's own product, and raise it to a higher level.

App Development

The supreme discipline

You can not create more freedom, prestige and trust.
Tailored to the needs of the customer and user, interactive tours, navigation systems and information hubs are created in 3D space. The Fibix Studio team developes interactive applications for this purpose, whether for use on tablets, smartphones or the PC. The user has the opportunity to move freely around the room, to take control and to discover details.
The user even has more freedom than in reality! That leaves a lasting impression.


Tell us your ideas, wishes, challenges and visions.
You are welcome to send us your plans in advance, such as CAD, DWG, PDF, 3DS, etc. too.
We are looking forward to your contact!

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